Despite this being named The Ultimate Wedding Guide, it should, in fact, be named ‘the bridal wedding guide’ because we know its the bride who will be planning it all. Although the groom will insist he played his part by agreeing on the flowers you chose. Take this is a good thing however as now you have full reign in bringing to life your dream wedding. This guide is here to help navigate you through this stressful period, no matter what kind of wedding you will have, every wedding has those essentials which no wedding is complete without.

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

Here are our 3 top tips on how to get ahead and beat that wedding stress

1. Vision. Have a clear vision of what you want. Create a mood board. A scrapbook. A blog. Anything that will illustrate what you want from your big day. This helps to keep you on track and will guide you throughout. It will ensure that you don’t get lost in the technicalities and will be a massive help to your maid of honour and bridesmaids

2. Delegate. Your bridesmaids/family/friends are there to help ease along the process. Your vision board will help them understand what you want without you having to be in constant bridezilla mode. Be comfortable with delegating tasks and responsibilities as this will take care of most of the stress. On the day of your wedding be sure to delegate all of the responsibilities so you can enjoy yourself completely.

3. Organisation. This isn’t exactly rocket science but it can be so easy to become disorganised during wedding planning as there’s so much going on. To make it easy for yourself, invest in a wedding binder. A physical binder, an app, perhaps even a wedding planner. Ensure that you are organised as you an be early on which will save you hours of stress as it gets closer to the day. The more organised you are the less stressed you’ll be. Especially on your big day, as you know you did everything you could to ensure there’s no major hiccups.

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

Simple Wedding Checklist


We all know the bridal outfits are the most important, so ensure this is one of the first things you dive into. The colour scheme often stems from the bridal outfits and they can be incredibly difficult to deal with especially if they are custom made. The second most important outfits are the bridesmaids (the groom’s outfits ranks at about the 5th) as they need to compliment the bridal outfits, so ensure that these are ordered and ready months in advance in case alterations need to be made.


Your wedding is only one day (or seven) so it’s incredibly important that your photographer is one that will capture the essence of your wedding. Take your time when it comes to choosing a photographer. Be fussy. Ask for a portfolio, speak to their previous clients so you can gauge how they work with clients, how professional they are, etc.

Wedding Cars

The Ultimate Wedding Guide is not complete without a luxury car hire, especially at Asian weddings! This might be the only time in the planning where your other half will actually make an active effort to be involved. Of course, he’s not used to wedding planning so be sure to choose a hassle- free service, like Super Dream Cars


This is where you can get really creative and while is it not exactly an essential, we think it is just because you can really ensure your wedding is unique and personal to you (both). Personalised photo booths, wedding favours, food, the cake. Anything can be personalised and adapted to suit your style and vision. Think outside the box!

simple wedding checklist

The Ultimate Wedding Guide

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create memories for a lifetime. Be sure to utilise these tips to make the most of the ultimate wedding guide, but most of all remember to have fun and enjoy the process!

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